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"When it comes to the Catholic Church I go to the right as far as I can go. But when it comes to labour, pacifism and civil rights then I go as far as I can to the left"
Dorothy Day
"Once there were joys and sorrows; now there is only pleasure and pain. The culture has become a slum."
Bernard Lonergan
"You must not write a single line unless it's about the obsession that won't leave you alone"
Ernesto Sabato

Agenda for Prophets seeks to articulate a prophetic Catholic perspective on Church affairs and on wider social, cultural and political issues.
In the Old Testament the prophets called the believing community back to true worship of God and to the terms of their Covenant with Him. They resisted influences which diluted or distorted the foundational values of their faith. .
The prophets denounced all forms of injustice, exploitation and abuse of power. They attacked corruption on the part of religious and political leaders but they were not populists or rabble-rousers: often they excoriated the whole community for idolatry and for breaking faith with God. .
The prophets summoned the people to live in an alternative reality, not governed by the rules of power, success and comfort. This often placed them in tension with mainstream values. .
Christ's ministry also was prophetic in content and style. He too confronted distortions and reductions of the faith and proclaimed the alternative reality of God's Kingdom. And throughout the Church's history many voices have reiterated prophetic perspectives according to the needs of the time and context. .
In our present context prophetic analysis, criticism and commitment are more vital than ever. Agenda for Prophets attempts to make a contribution, however slight, in this direction.