New Section: Homilies and Sermons
by AfP

From the First Sunday in Advent, which falls on Sunday 28th November this year, Agenda for Prophets intends to publish homily reflections for all the Sundays and important feast days of the Church's year. Ideally these reflections will be posted a week in advance of the relevant date with each new homily or sermon appearing at the head of the list.
There are several aspects to the Church's annual liturgical cycle. Looking at it as a whole we might say that its purpose is to enable Catholics to sanctify or hallow the weeks and months of the year by superimposing a specifically Christian pattern and meaning on them. Through the seasons of the Church year, "the whole mystery of Christ from the Incarnation and Nativity to the Ascension, to the day of Pentecost and the joyful hope of the coming of the Lord" steadily unfolds (Sacrosanctum Concilium article 102).
Within the overall cycle are three sections: Advent and Christmastide; Lent and Eastertide; and Ordinary Time. Throughout the cycle individual solemnities and feasts occur annually - not only the Feasts of Our Lord like Corpus Christi, the Transfiguration, the Exaltation of the Cross, etc., but also several feasts relating to Our Lady, the apostles and all the other saints. No significant aspect of the whole mystery of salvation is overlooked and the Church Year provides a structure by which all these aspects can be brought to mind and entered-into in prayer, worship and deepening faith.
By providing reflections for the Scripture readings attached to Sundays and holy days we hope in some way to assist our readers in deepening their own reflection on God's word, on the teaching and actions of Christ, and on the totality of the redemption which God holds out to us. To adapt the words spoken by the bishop in the Rite of Ordination, we hope to "share with all the Word of God which we have received with joy. May we meditate on the law of God, believe what we read, teach what we believe, and put into practice what we teach".
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