Articles and Reviews

Title Author Date
Sub specie aeternitatisFr. Ian DalgleishApril 2007

Therapy ReligionFr. Ian DalgleishJune 2006

Here firm, though all be driftingFr. Ian DalgleishMarch 2006

Listen, anyone who has ears!Cornelius ConwellMarch 2006

Review: The Heart of ChristianityFr. Ian DalgleishDecember 2005

Christians in the new Dark AgeCornelius ConwellOctober 2005

On the Margins of the Bourgeois ChurchAfPOctober 2005

Understanding Radical Grace with Richard RohrSolomon EagleOctober 2005

Silence is Still GoldenFr. Ian DalgleishAugust 2005

The Church’s Norms on Remarriage and Non-admission to the Eucharist: some personal reflectionsFr. Ian DalgleishAugust 2005

The Islamist Threat: useful fictions, inconvenient truthsCornelius ConwellAugust 2005

"The Voice from the Desert":Fr. Ian DalgleishJune 2005

Review: Holiness, a Guide for Beginners.Cornelius ConwellJune 2005

Truth and TraditionAfPJune 2005

Georges Bernanos, Enemy of EnnuiAnthony MartinMay 2005

The 2005 General ElectionCornelius ConwellMay 2005

The Sovereignty of GodFr. Ian DalgleishMay 2005

“A Period of Light and Shadow”: The Pontificate of John Paul IIErskine HowcroftMay 2005

'How can we prove that God exists?' - an enquiry from a reader and a replyAfPApril 2005

Do Not Judge?Fr. Ian DalgleishApril 2005

Karol Joseph Wojtyla, Pope John Paul II (1920 – 2005)AfPApril 2005

Staying True To Who We AreErskine HowcroftApril 2005

Islam and IslamismCornelius ConwellMarch 2005

Prayers to St. Josephvarious authorsMarch 2005

Solitary Mystics and Married Priests:Fr. Ian DalgleishMarch 2005

St. Joseph, Model of Workers, Patron of the DyingFr. Ian DalgleishMarch 2005

Review: The Passion of Political LoveCornelius ConwellJanuary 2005

A New Year's ResolutionFr. Ian DalgleishJanuary 2005

Christians in a Secular EuropeCornelius ConwellJanuary 2005

Review: Al Qaeda and what it means to be ModernRebecca SharpDecember 2004

Approaches to PrayerFr. Ian DalgleishDecember 2004

New Section: Homilies and SermonsAfPDecember 2004

Peace on Earth? Not if Britain has anything to do with it.Cornelius ConwellDecember 2004

'Miracles do not happen today': an enquiry from a reader, and a replyAfPNovember 2004

Review: Praying with Dorothy DayCornelius ConwellNovember 2004

New Section: Homilies and SermonsAfPNovember 2004

Sunday Celebrations in the Absence of a PriestFr. Ian DalgleishNovember 2004

The Christian Response to Racism, Part 2:Fr. Ian DalgleishNovember 2004

The Christian Response to Racism, Part 1:Fr. Ian DalgleishNovember 2004

Review: Following Christ in a Consumer SocietyFr. Ian DalgleishOctober 2004

Reflections at the start of the new Eucharistic YearFr. Ian DalgleishOctober 2004

The Priest's Ministry of LeadershipAlan HartnellOctober 2004

Waiting and Praying for a Prophetic ChurchCornelius ConwellOctober 2004

“What about the Admin?”Cornelius ConwellOctober 2004

Review: Globalisation, A Challenge for the ChurchesCornelius Conwell.September 2004

Christian Hope and Secular Realities (1)Fr. Ian DalgleishSeptember 2004

Christian Hope and Secular Realities (2)Fr Ian DalgleishSeptember 2004

Services Religion or God's Subversive Kingdom?Fr. Ian DalgleishSeptember 2004

"Let us seek the Kingdom"Cornelius ConwellAugust 2004

"Remember the Sacred Presence!"Fr. Ian DalgleishAugust 2004

Mel Gibson's The Passion of the ChristFr. Ian DalgleishAugust 2004

Work and AlienationErskine HowcroftAugust 2004

"Tranquillity"Fr. Ian DalgleishJuly 2004

Elephants in the living room, angels under the stairs.Solomon EagleJuly 2004

Handing on the Faith:Cornelius ConwellJuly 2004

Renewal Comes from the DesertFr. Ian DalgleishJuly 2004